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Announcing our Partnership with Dr. Alexander Tan

We are excited to partner with Alexander Tan, Ph.D., to offer comprehensive neuropsychological

evaluations here at Innovate ABA. Dr. Tan is a licensed pediatric neuropsychologist who specializes in the assessment of neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders in children,

Dr. Alexander Tan, Ph.D.
Dr. Alexander Tan, Ph.D.

adolescents, and young adults ages 3 to 22, including autism spectrum disorder.

In addition to his private practice, he is a pediatric neuropsychologist and clinical supervisor at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. An expert in the field, Dr. Tan is an internationally recognized speaker, has co-authored over 40 scientific presentations and journal articles, and holds various leadership positions including the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology and Asian Neuropsychological Association.

We look forward to the invaluable resource Dr. Tan will be for our families and staff!

Email for more information.

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