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A Child's Potential is Limitless

Our distinctive approach to therapy means children benefit from evidence-based teaching that our therapists present through fun and engaging activities. At Innovate ABA, we see every child's potential and work towards helping it unfold.


At Innovate ABA, we believe all children can benefit from systematic and individualized teaching rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. Whether your child is neurodivergent with a qualifying diagnosis for ABA therapy, or you’re looking for a little extra support to help your neurotypical child fine tune some challenging behaviors, we have something for you.

We understand this process can be complicated, so we created our

Roadmap to Services to help get you started. For additional questions about ABA therapy, contact us today for your free initial consultation.


Brooke Tawanna, MS, BCBA

Owner and Director

Irvine, California

p. (949) 418.7167

f.  (949) 398.9889

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