Who We Are

We are a pediatric therapy center that provides ABA to children 6 and under with Autism. We are located in Irvine, California in a spacious and cozy clinic. Our staff are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and early child development. The end result to this robust and comprehensive training is highly skilled clinicians who share in our mission to provide measurable growth in the areas of independence, self-help, functional life skills and self-advocacy as well as offering practical guides to address challenging behaviors. At Innovate ABA, our commitment is to create a partnership with our families and to achieve maximum results in the areas most important to each child.

Our Mission

Innovate ABA was created to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment for children to learn foundational skills that will support their successful transition into school. We believe that children, regardless of diagnoses, deserve respect from adults, deserve to be active participants in their learning, and deserve to be seen and celebrated for their differences.