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"Our children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see."

- John F Kennedy

Our Mission

At Innovate ABA, we’re on a mission to establish ourselves as the first choice for parents with children on the Autism spectrum. To achieve this, we are committed to creating and upholding a nurturing community of therapists and parents who collaborate to ensure that effective and compassionate treatment is provided in a supportive atmosphere. Our goal is to put parents' minds at ease by treating their children with the empathy, respect and patience they deserve.

Our Vision

Our primary vision is a future where the children in our care are able to thrive and develop to their full potential. Beyond that, we aim to expand our influence and unique approach to ABA therapy to our families and schools. In doing so, we will be connecting families across the Autism spectrum with the expert help and resources they need to raise happy and healthy children.


Our Values


We believe in the healing power of a community, which is why we don’t just support our Autism families - we give them the tools and opportunities to support one another as well. Our goal is for our ABA community to help families live happier, healthier lives, and to connect them with the resources they need. 



Our passionate belief in the inherent potential inside every Autistic child is what drives us to continuously innovate our approach to ABA. We think of ourselves as equal parts therapist and cheerleader as we actively encourage and celebrate each new milestone with our children and their families. 



At Innovate ABA, we're not just teaching children how to live with Autism, we're giving them a nurturing environment where they feel safe and secure to learn and explore. Our deep care for each of our children is evident in our nurturing and empathetic approach, which prioritizes children advancing at their own pace. 



We work hard to earn the trust of the families we serve by proving that we have their children’s best interests close at heart. Once trust is achieved, it becomes easier for us to walk the path of each child’s potential together.

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