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Our Story

At Innovate ABA, we are committed to helping children to reach their full potential through evidence-based treatment which is tailored to meet every individual's needs. Our mission is to improve the lives of both children and their families by supporting positive behavioral changes that will last a lifetime. For this reason, each of our empathetic and patient staff members has received training in Applied Behavior Analysis and early child development. ABA is a therapeutic technique that uses principles of learning theory to develop specific skills, while providing support and guidance to patients and their families. This technique is at the core of what we do, and our specialists are highly skilled in its application.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that children with autism deserve the same opportunities for success as their typically developing peers. Through one-on-one clinical programming, families in our program are supported in three key areas - communication, socialization and academics - to ensure that each child grows into a happy and healthy young adult. We work hand-in-hand with parents, guardians and caregivers to identify achievable goals and collaborate with them continuously to ensure that maximum results are achieved.

Innovate ABA was created not just to teach children, but to give them a nurturing environment that will support their successful transition into school. We believe that every child has the right to be treated with respect, to act as an active participant in their education, and to feel safe, happy, and confident in their abilities. Our founder, Brooke Tawanna, has been working in the ABA field since 2005. In this time, she has witnessed a remarkable decline in the quality of care provided by a number of well-known ABA companies. Disheartened by the profit-driven business models that she was surrounded by, Brooke pledged to launch an innovative ABA program that could realize her vision

of providing patient-centered care. As a mother of two beautiful girls, Brooke was determined to provide the kind of service that she would feel comfortable sending her own children to. From a combination of Brooke’s dissatisfaction with the status quo and her dreams of a better, more nurturing solution, Innovate ABA was born.

In contrast to other providers in our industry, who prioritize compliance and control, Innovate ABA focuses on providing a calm and nurturing environment where children are allowed to develop and improve at their own pace. We value the importance of family members, who we view as collaborators on the therapeutic journey we undertake with each child. For this reason, we are passionate about providing the support and guidance that parents and guardians need to nurture the exceptional children in their lives.

At Innovate ABA, we know that children with autism have potential. With our dedicated team of teachers and therapists, we work with each family to unlock that potential. Together, we can turn your family's approach to autism into a collaborative effort that manifests real results.



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